For many people, electronic filing can be an overwhelming experience; whether this is your first time filing, your secretary who normally does all your filing for you is sick and you need to get documents to the court ASAP, or you just aren’t sure where to start. This article will take you through some of our most asked questions to help you file quicker and easier.

Note: step by step video tutorials are available from our Video Training Series. While these videos utilize our California application, the processes are exactly the same in all other states.

I have some things I need filed. Do you have the forms for me?

While this website does not have the required forms you will need, you can find them at each county’s official court website.

Okay, I have the forms I need. Can you help me fill them out?

While our support team is able to assist you in using this e-filing application to submit your documents to the court electronically, we are not able to assist with legal guidance or provide legal advice, with completing court forms or formatting court documents, and in specifically directing what options or values should be selected as you submit your filing. Should you have any questions related to these items, we recommend you consult an attorney.

My forms are filled out. Now what?

You need to create your account and configure it if you have not already done so. This video gives you an overview of the site, and it demonstrates how to configure your account for payments, new attorneys, and/or support staff users.

I have my account created and ready to go. I just need to file my documents.

What do you need to do, Initiate a New Case or File on an Existing Case?

To Initiate a New Case

If you’re going to file on a new case (meaning you do not have a case number), you will need to Initiate a New Case from the main dashboard. Click here to view a help article that takes you step by step through that process, or watch the video here.

To File on an Existing Case

If you’re going to file on an existing case (meaning you have a case number), you will need to File on an Existing Case from the main dashboard. Click here to view a help article that takes you step by step through that process, or watch the video here.

I need to add my case, but the system can’t locate it.

If you find you’re having trouble locating a case, here’s a couple of tips…

  1. Don’t select the specific court. Instead of “Merced-Merced-Probate” simply select “Merced” to search all court divisions / locations
  2. If your case number appears to have spaces or dashes, trying entering it without the spaces or dashes … instead of 15PR 00268 or 15PR-00268 try simply 15PR00268.

Learn more on how to add a case

I don’t see my document type. Which one do I choose?

The list of documents you see available in the Document Type field is prescribed by the Court. If you don’t see the specific document type you are looking for then you’ll need to select the document type that most closely matches, or is somewhat generic in nature. If you enter some of the Document Type name in its form field, you will filter your choices down (ie. type ‘Petition’ to see petition choices).

After making your selection, you can type the true document title in the document description field.

Some courts provide an option like “Other”, “Other Document Not Listed” or “Document – Other” which may work for you as well.

My document is too large. What can I do to reduce it?

The courts impose a 25mb file size for PDF documents, and a 35MB limit for the entire filing. To reduce or compress the file size of PDFs larger than 25mb, you have some options. Learn More

How can I electronically sign my documents?

When e-Filing a document, you may indicate that it is signed by the attorney using an electronic signature in place of a scan. This can help save you time as it avoids the need to print out a document, sign it, and then scan it again to e-File. For the typical electronic filing, you may sign your document by placing “/s/” followed by your printed name on the document signature line. Learn More

I uploaded the wrong document. How do I replace it?

To replace a document, hover your mouse over the Edit link next to the document, then click Replace.

What are my filing fees going to be?

Your filing fees are auto-populated from the court based on the document types you select. In addition, things like a court reporter fee might be listed in the Optional Services drop down in the Security and Optional Services section of your filing.

I have a waiver for my filing. How do I use it so I don’t have to pay any fees?

To create a waiver payment account, click Settings at the top of the screen, then select Payment Settings from the list on the left. Next, you will click Add a Payment Account on the right side of the screen. Give the account a nickname, then select the account type as ‘Waiver.’

When a waiver is necessary for filing, choose this for the payment option instead of the credit card on file. Learn More

I’m missing a court reporter fee. Where do I add it?

In the Security and Optional Services section, there is a drop down titled ‘Optional Services’ the court reporter fee and many other optional fees are located there if the particular document offers any optional fees. Learn More

What is document security, and do I have to select something?

In the Security and Optional Services section, courts will ask you to give your document(s) a security level. Most times your choices are public or confidential. You will need to pick something from the choices that particular court offers for that document type. While many people choose the public option, others choose confidential if there is sensitive information they do not think should be public.

What is a service contact?

A service contact is someone you can attach to your filing in order to send an electronic service notification to them (i.e. e-service). Service contacts will remain attached to the case so that you may continue to serve them in the future, or others who file on the case may serve them as well. Learn More

When does the court receive my filing?

The court receives your envelope the moment you click the Sign and File button. It will be ready for the filing clerk as soon as the documents all upload. At the bottom of the filing in the ‘Review and Submit’ section of your pending filing, the date and time the court received the filing will appear there.

Great, the court has my filing. How long until they accept it?

Depending on the court, it can take as little as a minute, to a few hours, to a full business day. If it is taking longer than that, the court may be having a backlog they are working through. If you are concerned about the status, the best thing to do is contact the court directly and provide them the envelope number on your filing. Learn More

How will I know the court has accepted my filing?

You will receive an email from the court when your filing is accepted. You can also click on the Filing Status tab on the left from the main dashboard to see the status of your filings.

What time do I need to file by?

E-filing hours are 24/7, but you need to check the local rules of your court to see when their deadline is for receiving credit of having your submission filed for a particular day. The courts will review the filings during normal business hours. Learn More

I need to cancel my filing. Can I do that?

If your filing is still pending, and the filing clerk has not begun reviewing your documents, you can click on the Filing Status tab on the left, then click the Filing ID of the filing you wish to cancel to open it. Then, click the cancel filing link in the upper right. Learn More

Where’s my file stamped version (conformed copies) of my documents?

Once your filing is accepted, you can click on the Filing Status tab on the left, then click the Filing ID of the accepted filing to open it. You should see a “View File Stamped Version” link on the right hand side of each document listed. Learn More

A document in my accepted filing doesn’t have a stamp or signature on it. What do I do?

We have noticed that certain documents are being returned without file stamps/signatures. More often than not, it is because the document type that was submitted does not automatically receive a file stamp. In these instances, the clerk would manually apply the stamp, but most likely did not. We recommend reaching out to the court to have them apply the stamp, as we have no ability to provide one.

When do I get my Signed Order back from the court?

Signed orders are not distributed back through the e-filing system. The Court will either email it to your or send it by US mail depending on the county you filed in. Learn more

I need to order certified copies. Can I do it on here?

When submitting a filing, some courts allow you to request certified copies. If they do, you’ll be able to request them from the Optional Services dropdown in the Security & Optional Services section.

If you have already filed your documents or the court does not allow for certified copies to be ordered through the e-filing system, obtaining certified copies must be done through the court or an attorney service.

Why are charges appearing twice for my filing?

If you notice that a charge appears twice for a single filing it is because the payment system for those fees has authorized the payment twice. The system does this in order ensure that your payment can be processed once the filing is accepted. Learn More

Help! The court charged me for my rejected filing.

The court does not charge for rejected filings. When you submit your filing the court does a pre-authorization on your card for the filing fees. If the filing is rejected, then the court will not settle that pre-authorization and it will eventually fall off your card. The time it takes to fall off can range from 1 to a few days depending on your banking institution. When rejected filings occur, and you “re-submit” your filing, the court does another pre-authorization. Once accepted, this is the fee that will be settled. Click here to learn more about payment processing.

I need to fix a document in a rejected filing. Do I need to start a new filing?

You do not need to start a new filing if your original is rejected. You can click on the Filing Status tab on the left, then click the Filing ID of the rejected filing to open it. From there, you can edit, replace, or delete any document. Then, review all sections for accuracy, and if it’s good, click the Sign and File button to resubmit the filing to the court. Learn More

Note: if the filing is partially accepted, you will need to start a new filing to fix the rejected document.