The Filing Status Screen displays the status of all the documents in your account in one place. It shows if the filing is accepted, partially accepted, rejected, pending, processing, and more.

View the Filing Status Screen

From the Dashboard, click Filing Status

This brings up the Filing Status screen. Here, you can order the columns between the Filing Id, Status, Last Changed, Case Number, or Envelope Number. While you may have a number of documents in the filing, this page only displays the Lead Document in that filing. Click the Filing Id to view all documents.

In the Filter Filings box on the upper right, you may search for specific filings using the Filing Id, Client Matter Number, Envelope Number, or Filing Batch. Typing the number in that box brings up these search options. Additionally, in the same Filter Filings box, click inside the box to sort your filings by My Filings, All Filings, or Filing Status.