These instructions are for filing an Ex Parte application on a case in the Los Angeles Civil Courts. The user must e-file these applications no later than 10:00 a.m. the day before the ex parte hearing.

Quick Steps

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From the Dashboard, click File on an Existing Case

  1. Select your Case, or Add a Case to retrieve your case from the court’s system.
  2. Select your Ex Parte and Proposed Order (if required) Document type(s), and then click the Click to Upload link to add your document(s).
  3. Enter your Additional Info that the court requires for this filing type.
  4. Select a Payment Method, and click Confirm Fee Calculation to see the estimated fees.
  5. Select service contacts to add Additional e-Service to your filing.
  6. Select the Filing Attorney if necessary, review all information for accuracy, and Submit Filing.

File on an Existing Case

From the Dashboard, click File on an Existing Case

  1. Select Case – Choose your case, or click add a case to retrieve your case from the court’s system. If you do not see your case in the menu, click the Add a Case link. You may some or all of the case number to filter your results.
  2. Add Documents – Select one of the Ex Parte document types from the drop down, and upload the document.

    Proposed Orders – if the user is submitting a Proposed Order for the judge to sign, that document shall be included as a separate PDF in the same envelope as the ex parte application. Additionally, the attorney will bring a hard copy to court the morning of the ex parte hearing.

    Note: Some LASC Civil cases do not have a Proposed Order document type. When that happens, look for the most generic order which is Order (name extension).

  3. Additional Info – Enter any additional information that is required for this filing type. The documents and the fields in this section will vary based on the document types selected in section 2.

    1. Choose the Filed By party for this Ex Parte and Order.
    2. Choose an As To party for the Ex Parte as well.
  4. Filing Fees – Select a payment account, and click Confirm Fee Calculation to see the estimated fees.
  5. Additional e-Service – Add service contacts to your filing to perform electronic service. If there aren’t any service contacts listed, or you need to add additional service contacts, click the Add Service Contact link. If there are service contacts listed that shouldn’t be there, you can remove them if you added them; only the person who added the service contact can delete a service contact.
  6. Review & Submit – Finalize your filing, review, and submit.

    1. If you are Filing for an Attorney select them from the menu or click the Add Attorney link.
    2. If your firm uses any sort of Client Matter No, enter it here. If you want an unofficial copy of the filing to go to anyone associated with the case, like a client, enter their email(s) here. Note: this is different from a service contact, and it, along with the client matter number, are for your internal purposes only.
    3. If your court has the option to leave the clerk a memo, enter any sort of note here in the Note to Clerk box.
    4. Review your entire filing for accuracy, and check the Verify box to acknowledge you have and also agree to any service provider fees.

    Click the Submit Filing button. Once you click the button, your filing is sent directly to the court’s filing clerk for review. Your filing will show Pending and you will get credit for the submission time once all documents are uploaded to the court.

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