By far the most common support question we receive is related to the fees associated with electronic filing in the Odyssey eFile program. Please read this article carefully for a thorough explanation.

The Odyssey eFile Court Convenience Fee

With the implementation of electronic filing, courts are presented with a new challenge, that of collecting court filing fees (both those mandated by State court rules and local court rules) in an automated fashion. The most readily available solution for this is the use of credit cards. As such, the court has configured a system by which it’s EFM software vendor, Tyler Technologies, is able to collect court filing fees.

Via the Tyler Online Payment Gateway (TOGA) state and local fees are collected, then passed back to the court. By allowing credit cards, however, there is a credit card transaction fee for which the court is not willing to lose. Therefore, a Court Convenience Fee is added to the credit card transaction. Those charges should appear as such on your statement with the first charge comprising the convenience fee plus service provider fee, and the second charge comprising your court filing fee:

Sample Filing Fee Confirmation

The image below is taken from the new filing screen in our site. You’ll notice court filing fees are broken down by those due for each document submitted in the transaction, as well as the service and provider fees. The Odyssey eFile system (via TOGA) charges and collects the fees upon acceptance of the filing; not our service.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to contact our support team via phone, chat, or email.