Once the Court processes your filing, they will generated an email notice to the email address associated with your account. The notice provides an indication as to whether the court has accepted or rejected your filing. If rejected, the court provides a reason for it so that you can make any necessary corrections and re-file the document.

Sample Accepted Email Notification: The court has accepted your filing and is now FILED with them.

Sample Rejected Email Notification: The Court has found a problem with the filing, and sent it back for correction.

Pending: If you’ve submitted a filing, and the Filing Status lists it as Pending, the court still needs to review it. Depending on the court, that can take as little as a minute, to a few hours, to a full business day. If it is taking longer than that, the court may be having a backlog they are working through. If you are concerned about the status, the best thing to do is contact the court directly, and provide them the envelope number on your filing for reference.

Draft: This is a filing you have began, but have not sent to the court for review. You can get back to that filing by going to your E-Filing tab at the top, selecting Filing Status from the list on the left, and clicking the Filing ID of your Draft.