When initiating a case or filing on an existing case, you will have the opportunity to add service contacts to receive electronic service notifications. You will also have the option to add email addresses of anyone you’d like to receive courtesy copy emails. Electronic service notifications are sent to service contacts, and they are intended for e-service to opposing counsel and/or parties on a case. Courtesy copy emails are only meant to notify a client or co-worker, and they are not meant for e-service.

Electronic Service Notifications

Electronic Service Notifications may vary slightly from state to state!You can add and attach service contacts to the filing so that when you submit it, those people will receive an electronic filing service notification from the system.

The court’s system generates these electronic service notifications, and they are tracked as to whether or not the notifications are sent AND whether or not the service contacts open the document(s). It’s also important to know that the content of the electronic service notification will have a list of all the service contacts that it was sent to. So, any service contact will know who else received a copy of the notification.

Note: On a new case filing, if your case requires personal service or service of process, then electronic service will not suffice for that. You will need to continue to do that through traditional means. You can use these service contacts to supplement that, but it doesn’t fulfill service if your case requires personal service or service of process.

Courtesy Copy Emails

Courtesy Copy EmailThis is where you can type in any list of email addresses; separated by a comma. Our portal will send an email to the email address(es), and let them know you filed the document. That email will receive a copy of the document as well.

Courtesy copy emails are not meant for e-service. These are simply courtesy copies our portal generates for you. The recipient does not know who else received a courtesy copy email. Also, there isn’t any tracking associated with these emails. They are only to let the recipient know the document was filed.