To convert documents to PDF, there is a common misconception is that in order to do that, especially for the purpose of E-Filing, you must print the document to paper, and then scan the paper to create a PDF. This couldn’t be further from the truth; there are literally dozens of tools available that would allow you to “Save As” a PDF, or even “Print” straight to PDF.

Did You Know? When you E-File a document, you do not have to physically sign the document, all you need to do is type /s/ followed by your name on the signature line (Example – /s/ Jonathon Attorney). So don’t print, sign, and scan, simply type /s/ and print to PDF.

How do I just “Save As” a PDF?

If you use Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010, Microsoft has finally decided to make PDF conversion easy on us. These versions of Word provide the ability to simply select File > Save As and select PDF as the file type you’d like to save to, and Word does the rest.

For Microsoft Office 2010, this capability is built-in, right out of the box. So have at it.

For Microsoft Office 2007, you need to download and install the add in called “Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS” which is available at this link:

How do I Print to PDF?

This is a much simpler process than you might imagine. First, you just need to download and install one of the many PDF conversion tools available on the Internet. Here are some links to a few of our favorites:

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the PDF conversion software of your choice, and when you are ready to print your document simply select File > Print as you normally would. In the Print Dialog window, you should now see the option to select the PDF Printer you selected. Simply select that printer, and click OK.

You will now be provided the opportunity to select a location to save the file, and name the file as you wish. Once you’ve done that, click OK, and Voila! … you have your PDF.

So, easy as 1-2-3, you are now converting to PDF.