Many of the documents a user downloads from the Court’s web site are “Secured”. In order to be able to e-file them, you’ll need to unlock them before submitting to the Court. Here is the easiest way to do that without requiring any software.

  1. Download the form from the Court. Do not fill it out.
  2. Go to and use that web site to upload the form. The site will unlock it, and allow you to download the document back to your computer.
  3. Save that document to your computer as a template for future use.
  4. When you go to complete the document for a filing, open it, file it out with pertinent information.
  5. At this point, you will need software that will allow you to use your Print Driver to create PDF documents. If you have Adobe Pro you can use that. If not, you can download these free options.
    Cute PDF –
    Primo PDF –
  6. Click the “Print this Form” button on the bottom of the document.
  7. From the print dialog select “Adobe PDF” as your printer (or CutePDF, or PrimoPDF).
  8. Your computer will now prompt you to save this new PDF version of your document wherever you want to on your computer. This is the document you will want to upload when e-filing.