There can be instances when a filer will see multiple pre-authorization of fees for a pending filing. This happens because the payment processor pre-authorizes the fees listed in the filing each time a user submits it to the court.

If the court rejects the filing (or a filer cancels a pending filing), then the payment processor will not settle that pre-authorization. While that amount will fall off the filer’s card, it does not take place at the time of rejection (or cancellation). The time it takes to fall off can range from three to ten business days from the date and time of the rejection (or cancellation) depending on the filer’s banking institution. The payment processor will only settle the pre-authorization of fees once the court accepts a filing.

This is important to note because if/when the filer re-submits a corrected filing, the payment processor will IMMEDIATELY PRE-AUTHORIZE THE FEES AGAIN. Because of this, filers will have multiple pending charges on their credit card until the initial rejected/cancelled filing’s fees drop off the card—also because of this, filers may not want to use a debit card for a payment type.

Please read this article regarding the use of Debit Cards with e-filing.