Once the filing is submitted to the court, the filer receives an Envelope Number from them, and the Filing Status screen lists it as pending. Depending on the court, a review of the submission can take as little as a minute, to a few hours, to a full business day. If it takes longer than that, the court may have a backlog they are working through.

If a filer is ever concerned about the status of their submission, the best thing to do is contact the court directly. Provide them the Envelope Number the court assigned the filing for reference.

Length of Time to Review Documents that need Signatures

For filings that require a Judge or Clerk’s signature, the filing clerk will review the submission in the same time frame. However, once they accept the filing, it goes to the Judge for a separate review. The length of time it takes them to review a filing after a clerk initially accepts the filing will also depend on the Judge’s backlog.

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