Once a filing is successfully submitted to the court, the court assigns the filing an envelope number. This envelope number confirms the court has received the submission and it is in their queue for review. The date and time this envelope number is assigned will be the date and time reflected on the file-stamped document when the court accepts the filing. (Any filings submitted on weekends or court holidays will receive a file stamp with the date of the next business day.)

The length of time it takes the filing clerk to review the submission will vary from court to court. The clerk’s review of the submission can take as little as a minute, to a few hours, to a full business day, or longer depending on their backlog of submissions. Filers may go to the Filing Status screen at any time to see the status of their pending filing.

Any filer concerned about the status of their submission will want to reach out to the filing clerk at the court directly and provide them the assigned envelope number for reference.

Length of Time to Review Documents that need Signatures

For documents that require a subsequent review by a judicial official, the filing clerk conduct their review as usual and then stamp the document as Electronically Received or Electronically Submitted. With that “received” stamp, the filing clerk then forwards the document to the proper judicial official to conduct their subsequent review. The length of time it takes for that judicial official to conduct their review also depends on that judicial official’s backlog.

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