When you initiate a new case or file on an existing case, you have the choice of adding optional services for the document(s) you are filing. This can be for extra fees or services like the court reporter fee or first paper fee, or for extra things like ordering certified copies (if the court offers it). There are many different choices that can appear in this dropdown, so always be sure to check it before submitting a filing.

The dropdown is located in the Security & Optional Services section

Optional Services

The choices in the dropdown vary depending on the court selected and the document type chosen. It is possible to have many options or none at all for your selected document type. If you choose one of the choices from the menu, you can also pick a quantity if you need to order multiple items of that choice.

These services are optional to pick, but can be necessary for your filing. Remembering to look at your options here increases the chances of your filing’s acceptance upon its first submission.