The Los Angeles Superior Court receives many questions from Probate attorneys over concerns on the status of their Proposed Order. They recommend the following steps to improve the chances of the acceptance for these orders upon first submission.

  • Wait up to 14 business days after a submission for the return of a signed proposed order.
  • Do not submit duplicate orders. Doing so creates unnecessary work by increasing the volume of orders to process.
  • Verify the Probate Case Summary is available on the court public website before contacting the court to verify if an order has been entered.
  • If an order shows as entered in the Case Summary online, you may request copies or certified copies at the Records unit located in Room 112 – 1st floor at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse, in the Probate Clerk’s Office – Room 1000 in Antelope Valley, or at any public record kiosk at any court location.

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