On January 1, 2021 Green Filing will update our e-filing service fee for those courts participating in the Odyssey eFileCA system to $3 per filing submission. You can find a list of those courts at the following link.

Odyssey® eFileCA Courts

This does not affect e-filing into Los Angeles Civil cases, or into San Diego Civil and Probate cases. The per filing service fee for those courts remains the same.

Green Filing opened for business in California in 2016, providing California filers another choice for e-filing taking advantage of a faster, easier, and fully supported e-filing experience.

Over time, while maintaining the lowest price option for a commercial e-filing service provider, we have been busy working to improve customer experience, enhancing the security of our application, and updating our user interface to take advantage of the latest technology including making it accessible to the visually disabled.

This price update was necessary to continue to maintain our service in the way you expect, to stay on the leading edge of technology, keep up with regulation and continue to provide the best customer experience and support in the industry. Even in doing so, we will continue to lead the industry at the lowest price.